We are on a mission to drive the true cost of fraud to zero for eCommerce retailers globally

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    PLATINUM WINNER Fraud Detection & Prevention Platform

    Pioneers and founders of fraud protection

    In 1995 – twelve years before the invention of the smartphone and the start of eCommerce as we know it – Vesta was founded to provide real-time decisioning and fraud protection for telcos and mobile prepaid gift card providers.

    And 28 years later, we are still singularly focused on protecting our customers, though we have expanded our solutions across many high-risk industries, including eCommerce retail, fintech and financial services, digital travel, online gaming, e-ticketing, and more. We are known for our rich expertise in understanding fraud, and have been providing real-time decisions and guaranteed payments long before most of our competitors were even an idea on the back of a napkin.

    Company highlights

    As a global leader in payment fraud protection, we have developed a modern, state-of-the-art platform for detecting and preventing fraud while increasing payment approvals for our customers. Our customers and partner networks rely on Vesta to safeguard millions of transactions and billions of dollars worth of volume every single year. 

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    Global Employees

    Vesta’s global presence

    One thing that makes us unique compared to our competitors is the global nature of our company. Vesta has teams all around the world helping companies fight fraud, making us a true global expert. 

    Executive team

    Vesta empowers every employee to lead and own their area of the business. One could say that our leadership team is every employee. While the executive team may have ultimate accountability over business units, every employee at Vesta is an empowered leader.

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